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Meet Me at the Art Cafe, by Sue McDonagh
  • Meet Me at the Art Cafe, by Sue McDonagh

    The second in the bestselling Art Cafe series by Sue McDonagh, set on the Gower coast. Includes postcards, bookmarks and is signed by the author, P&p inc.

    Would you take a chance on a bad boy with a leather jacket and a vintage motorbike?

    That's the question single mum Jo Morris has to ask herself when she collides with local bike mechanic Ed Griffiths on a rainy Welsh hillside. Working at the Art Cafe, Jo hears the gossip and is all too aware of Ed's reputation.

    But whilst he's certainly no angel, there is something about Ed's daredevil antics that Jo can't ignore. And as she gets to know him better and watches the kind way he deals with her young son Liam, she begins to wonder - is there more to this `bad boy' than meets the eye?

    5.0 out of 5 stars 'Once you pick it up you can’t put it down! '

    I always worry about reading a 'second' book just in case- Summer at The Art Cafe is tough act to follow but Meet me at the Art Cafe was everything I'd hoped it would be- and more! I don't think I've ever read such a colourful book- just so vibrant and full of wonderful, real characters. I loved Ed and Jo's story- neither of them are perfect (who is?) but you love them all the same and just want them to find a way to be together. Beryl! I need her in my life. Please tell me we can go to the Art Cafe again soon!

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